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The medical profession has become increasingly specialized due in part to the human body’s complexity. At our foot and ankle clinic, we have a highly trained experienced podiatrist who will give you the accurate diagnosis and treat conditions of the foot, ankle, and related structures of the leg. There are a number of different foot problems that may arise. Bunions, hammertoes, infected ingrown nails, plantar fasciitis, warts, and common sports injuries such as ankle sprains and fractures just to name a few, which all can cause pain and disability. We also treat those in need of diabetic foot care.

We are dedicated to provide the highest level of professional and specialized podiatric care for people of all ages. Dr. Fang is an experienced and professional podiatrist with extensive training in Foot and Ankle Surgery, with Reconstructive Rear Foot and Ankle Certificate. He graduated from California College of Podiatric Medicine and has been in practice for over ten years.

We guarantee you will be in great hands when you schedule an appointment with us. We provide in-office procedures and custom casting for common podiatry ailments such as infected ingrown nails, painful flexible hammertoes, warts, early stages of bunion deformities, painful flatfeet, plantar fasciitis, painful calluses, and diabetic wounds.

Although Dr. Fang is well-trained in ankle and foot surgery, surgical management is always his last treatment option, unless it is the best option. Dr. Fang is a compassionate and ethical physician and surgeon. He always spends the time to explain thoroughly to his patients about the causes and the comprehensive plan of treatment options.

At Patient Foot & Ankle Center, we want our patients to be informed about their foot and ankle conditions and educated about the treatment options available in order to make the best medical decision. We strive to provide the best and comprehensive treatment plan for our patients, family and friends.


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We also speak Chinese, Mandarin, Cantonese

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